My Quilting Room

In the beginning - 2011
In the beginning - 2011

As I post this on January 13, 2013, I'm amazed at how much my room has changed. It's time for some reorganization!

UPDATE on September 4, 2016:  It's so funny to look back at these pics.  This is NOT how my sewing room looks now.  It's so full and takes up most of the upstairs now!!

UPDATE on November 30, 2018:  I'm slowly going to move back into this room after having taken up the whole upstairs with my sewing stuff.  This is my favorite room in the house, and I can't wait to be sewing in my pink and green room again!  And I'm sure our guests who have been using this as a guest room for the last three years will be happy, too!  Ha ha! 

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  1. I love the giant cutting area that you have on your big table in the middle of the room. Sooo cool! Blog looks great, too! :)


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