Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Magic of Sewing

Have you ever noticed how the process of making a quilt is kinda magical as you're piecing and things are slowly coming together?  Like this Measure Twice quilt that I made about two years ago, for example.  
It's pieced in small sections (just like you would make quilt blocks but they don't look like anything in particular like a quilt block might) and then you piece those sections together.  Each section on its own isn't very impressive, but once you start putting them all together, it's magical!  And all of a sudden you have a gigantic pair of scissors!  Pattern is Measure Twice by Katy Jones that was in an older Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.  

Or this one!  It's the cutest little....or BIG panda ever!  This is the Bamboozle pattern by my good friend Kelli Fannin.  I made this for a friend/neighbor when her baby was born last year.  It was so fast & fun to make!!  

Then there's the magic of garment sewing.  Have you seen the reversible Metamorphic dress from Sew Liberated?  I made one of those earlier this year.  So fun to make!

And just last night, I was sewing together a Farrow dress by Grainline Studio.  When the instructions stated how to attach the top section of the front of the dress to the bottom section of the front, I had to tilt my head and do a flip to get a good look at the pics to make sure I was understanding it correctly.  I was seriously trying to figure out how in the world this was going to work, especially when it came to the magic of the pockets.  All it took was a little stitching, flipping, and pressing, and a slit front pocket appeared!  Look close in the second pic where there are two pens clipped to the pocket.  Pattern designers amaze me, and I'm so grateful for them!!!

As frustrating as it can be sometimes when trying to figure out a pattern, it really is fun and exciting, and magical!  Hope you find some magic in your everyday sewing, too!  


  1. I love that we're blogging again! I love to watch things come together! Thanks for the shout out, too! I LOVE a good slit pocket! :D

    1. I'm having fun so far! So many things to blog about after being away for so long :)


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