Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas Cross-Stitch

As I've been organizing my sewing room, I'm finding all sorts of good holiday stuff!  You know, like the gingerbread countdown to Christmas, unfinished pillows and wall hangings (see previous posts).  🙄

I'm also finding completed Christmas cross-stitch projects that I've never framed!  
I started cross-stitching in my twenties.  I was so amazed at my mother-in-law's counted cross-stitch projects and I wanted to learn!  She patiently taught me more than once and I was hooked when I finally got it.  I cross-stitched for many years and still have all of my DMC floss, needles, hoops, etc.  I'm sure I'll pick it up again, someday when I'm not sewing and quilting every day 🙄

Here's another one I found! I even have a frame for this one already that's the same color as that deep red ribbon. 
I admit that I have a lot of WIPs, but just look at all the stuff that I've finished!  Ha ha ha!  And I KNOW for a fact that most of my crafty friends have just as much unfinished stuff as I do!  You know who you are 😁😁


  1. If I told you how many WIPs I have, I'd have to kill you. ;)

    I used to cross-stitch, too, and I still like the idea, but it's too hard to see, even with glasses. So, I guess I'll stick to quilting and knitting...

  2. What a fabous Santa! You have inspired me to re-start mycross stitch!

  3. What a fabous Santa! You have inspired me to re-start mycross stitch!

  4. checking in on your quilty pillow progress. haha! actually I was wondering if you would get a notification of this comment b/c I am on a different computer. hmm.


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