Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stargyle Quilt Along

Got scraps? I sure do!  And I'm starting to sort them to join the Stargyle Quilt Along! If you've read my recent post about SewPro, you may remember that Brenda Ratliff (Just a Bit Frayed and Pink Castle Fabrics) was one of the hosts.  She has started a quilt along for a quilt pattern that she created called the Stargyle Quilt.  And it's a scrap buster!  Woot!  That's just what I need!  Well, kinda.  It could take a bit to sort through my scraps because they seem to be stored here and there and everywhere! But I'm motivated because this quilt is awesome! And depending on how you lay it out, it could have a totally different look.  Brenda has a few different layouts on her blog.   

If I go the easy route, I could just make it with all of my black and white fat quarters, which is SO tempting!  But I also LOVE the look of a scrappy quilt!  

It's such a BIG ordeal to go through my scraps because seriously they're in several places in my sewing room.  Things got all unorganized when I moved my sewing room last year when I got my longarm.  I was keeping my scraps in two of those rolling drawer towers, organized by color.  Then in my manic cleaning craziness one day, I decided to dump one of those towers into a big plastic bin and just get rid of the tower.  Don't ask me what I was thinking.  Now it's a little overwhelming to even think about going through them.   

Anywho....back to the Stargyle quilt! I'm thinking I'll most likely use my fat quarters because I have a ton of black.  And why not make a black star quilt? I think that would be pretty cool! But I could totally change my mind between now and the time I climb the stairs to sort my scraps. 

If you're interested in a fun, fast, and really cool quilt along with no pressure, no deadlines, and no giveaways, head over to Brenda's blog -- Just a Bit Frayed.  You can join anytime you want! And if you're a new quilter or just don't hang on to scraps (WHAT?!?), Brenda also has some scrap packs at her shop Pink Castle Fabrics.