Sunday, October 12, 2014

Modern Maples

Autumn.....I love it.....but, I love summer more.  It's always sad (for me) when the warmth of summer fades away and the days get shorter.  

I've been wanting to make a Modern Maples quilt for awhile (late to the modern maples online quilt-alongs).  I had recently purchased some Bohemia by Julie Paschkis (by In the Beginning) from Winter Creek Cloth because I just loved all of the prints, except for the cat prints.  I'm not a fan of cats, but I'll agree that they are beautiful creatures. But the cat print also had owls in it, and owls are just so dang cute.  I was actually going to try to fussy cut the owls and throw away the cats, but that would've chopped up and wasted so much fabric. So I eventually decided to use the cat print, too, and I'm so glad I did!  They're so dang cute! 

At about the time I was preparing to make this quilt, a fundraiser was being planned for our friend Peter, who was going through another recurrence of cancer.  You can read more about Peter in my previous post in October 2012, when I made a quilt for his first fundraiser, and also this post, which was also in October 2012, when I made a quilt for Peter to keep. This quilt was made with some of the prints from the first quilt. Well, Peter didn't make it to his last fundraiser.  He passed away on September 25th, just a week before his fundraiser. The fundraiser was still held, and also became his Celebration of Life. Peter was one of my dude's best friends since high school.  My dude sang at the celebration and also gave a very touching speech. I still don't know how he managed to do that. 

Oh wait, this was going to be a happy post about a Modern Maples quilt, right?  I finished it the night before we left for California. I'm not sure why I can't finish things before the last minute.  Unfortunately, I didn't get all the pics that I normally would have, but still got a few good ones.  

I always love taking a shot of the pin basting...

And my dude always likes to take a pic of me binding the quilt because there's at least one dog who will be on the quilt while this is happening. Don't always gets washed once or twice before I give it away, and my dogs are hypoallergenic and groomed regularly. Seriously.  I suppose I couldn't do this if I were actually selling my quilts, huh? 
And the final pic.....I can't believe this is the only shot I got.  Makes me a little sad.  I used that orange fabric (2nd row leaf) for the backing.  It was beautiful!
We arrived in California late in the evening, then my dude drove the quilt to the Loomis Eggplant Festival (Come for the eggplant...stay for the fun!), where they sold tickets all day. Tickets were also sold at the Celebration of Life. The quilt was won by someone that I didn't know, which was weird because I'm pretty sure that every quilt I've ever put in a fundraiser has gone to someone I know. Hopefully, it will be enjoyed for many years!  Of course, I forgot to label it. Why can't I remember to do this??  Do you label your quilts? If so, what's your method and how much info do you include? 


  1. You certainly made a beautiful quilt from some beautiful fabric. I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your friend, but, how special you all were able to celebrate his life this way. I would rather have a dog on a quilt than some people I know! LOL

  2. That's so sad your husband's friend passed away. It is nice that you could have a celebration of his life instead though. The quilt turned out beautifully, Lisa. I've donated quite a few quilts to different charities and school organizations over the years and they've always been bought by strangers. It's a weird feeling but also flattering. I've gotten really lazy lately and just use a fabric tag in the binding that says busybeequilts. No more onerous label attaching for me. In fact I have a quilt to donate for qov and it's been sitting on the chest in my bedroom for months because I have to make a special label for it to comply with the rules.

  3. Beautiful maple quilt - it will be loved :)

  4. I am so sorry that Peter didn't make it to his fundraiser. I love that you made the fundraiser quilt with some of the fabrics from Peter's quilt. The photos you did get of the quilt are great! I always forget to label my quilts (I think it's because I tend to finish them at the last minute too!), but I am getting better. My labels are very simple - rectangular and the barest of details!


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