Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I'm a Rock Star Fishie!

OK, I know some of you may be wondering.....what the heck is a Rock Star Fishie? Or maybe you're saying to yourself...A Rock Star Fishie? What? How did SHE get to be a Rock Star Fishie???  Well, if you've heard of Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish, chances are, you know what a Rock Star Fishie is! Amanda loves her customers, supporters, and fans, and wants to show off what all of us are making out of her fabric.  And this month I'm one of the Rock Star Fishies featured on her blog The Quilted Fish.  

I absolutely love working with her fabric! Her latest line is Madhuri, and I jumped at the chance to use this fabric when Kelli at Seriously..I think it needs stitches asked me to test her Mod GeoCruiser pattern.  

Each featured Rock Star Fishie receives a special necklace, and Amanda will send out a piece of fabric to each Rock Star to sign. Once she has received them, she will start making a quilt out of them. I love that! 

It's not too late to become a Rock Star Fishie, so just head over to Amanda's blog and check it out! 


  1. That's so cool that Amanda appreciates her fabric fans/lovers so much!! You ARE a rock star friend too. :D Congrats on your Rock Star Fishie necklace!

  2. Yay for you! The signed fabric to make a quilt is a great idea! So that when you are a world wide phenomenon she will already have your autograph - so clever! Your Riley Blake blocks look beautiful - the background on The Quilted Fish complement them superbly!

  3. *I* knew you were a Rock Star! :)

    Congrats, Lisa!! I love that necklace, too!


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