Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show High

Ahhhh.......Still on an Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show high. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (Yes, I finally joined the rest of the blogging world!), you already know about my time at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show because you were bombarded with pictures. But they were BEAUTIFUL pictures, so you can't get too irritated with the bombardment, right??? I live just under 3 hours from Sisters, and I've been invited to go a few times in the past but have never taken the offer because it was always on my husband's birthday weekend.  Well, last year my very loving and supportive husband told me that I should really go this year, so I did.....just to make him happy :)  

The drive over there is through the mountains, and I have this VERY REAL fear of driving off the edge of the mountain, so I knew that I would have to get a ride. So at our last CMQG sew day, I kinda invited myself to ride along with Dana & Lynn of Winter Creek Cloth

We left bright and early on Saturday morning and met Connie of A Piecework Life, who decided to camp (Yuck!!!) with her family. 

From left to right, Me, Connie, Dana, and Lynn
The quilt in the background was in the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's area. I posted this pic on Instagram, and within a short amount of time there was a comment from Kimberly at Perfection Not Included who said "Hi ladies! That's my quilt!" Nice job, Kimberly! 

We had a lot of fun looking at all the beautiful quilts and just hanging out. We even got to meet a few of our peeps from the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. We'll be spending more time with them next month at the Pacific NW Modern Quilt Guild Meet-Up in Portland!! More on that later! 

Going to the quilt show was so inspiring, and I came home ready to sew, sew, sew! I ordered a bunch of fabric from Winter Creek Cloth and should be pretty productive in the next few weeks.....should be.  

For now, here are some pics for you to enjoy of some absolutely stunning quilts. I can't believe I didn't get more pics! So many that I thought I had but I didn't.  While I'd love to blame it on my phone, it was probably user error :/ If you know who made any of these quilts, please leave a comment so we can credit everyone. The only one that I know for sure is the last one - Violet Craft

Violet Craft