Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Will Portland Quilt Market ever end? I hope not!

Earlier this week, I went over to Winter Creek Cloth to see Dana and Lynn. No, they don't have a brick and mortar shop, but I still get to go visit them and all their beautiful fabric!! The first thing Dana pointed out is their new addition - an Accuquilt Studio! They purchased this at Quilt Market in Portland! Oh man! And here I was lovin' my Accuquilt Go more than anything, but I think I could love the Studio even more. 

While I was visiting them, I got to see some of my new favorites: 

Winter Creek Cloth has gotten so many new collections in recently. If you're looking for something summery or even if you're ready to start sewing for the holidays, you should be able to find what you're looking for. The 4th of July is just around the corner! So if you want to make a little something for your home, check out the Freedom's Star line. And their sale section is pretty awesome, too!

I swear if I had that much fabric around me every day, I would either get lots of sewing and quilting done OR I would get absolutely nothing done because I would be touching fabric and dreaming of what I could make with it! 

Oh, and while I was there, Dana gave me a charm pack of Baby Jane.

This stuff is so flippin' cute!

And this is one of my favorites because it has my initials :) 
I get to make whatever I want, so keep watching for my upcoming Baby Jane project. They also gave me some Quilt Market Swag! Oh My Goodness! Serious? I have some awesome friends! After what Kelli did for me (see this post), I was feeling very special and didn't think it could get any better. And then Dana & Lynn decide to give me even more! A mini charm pack, some hexagons, some yardage, so many goodies! I really need to go to quilt market someday! Until then, my peeps are taking good care of me! Thanks, my quilting peeps!!


  1. Wow it's a good thing you know people who know people. bahaha That is sooo sweet of them to bring you some goodies!!! And you got to go over there and TOUCH all of the fabric too?! So jealous. :D I can't wait to see what you make with Baby Jane!! And what is exactly an Accuquilt Studio? Sounds very impressive.. I guess I skipped past that booth.. I was eyeing the Go today (after Lawn-Mower-Gate yesterday) but passed.. my frugal self got the better of me. hehe

  2. Baby Jane is a gorgeous fabric line. Can't wait to see what you make!

  3. How fun! That charm pack is really cute. I wasn't expecting it to be so cute from the top fabric, but I really like it. Isn't Madhuri fabulous???!!! You are a lucky girl!

    I have a Go baby and now I wish I would have splurged for the studio....think I would get more use out of it.

  4. I've not seen the accuquilt Go or Studio. However, I'll be visiting the Craft & Quilt Fair in Melbourne in a couple of weeks time, and the catalogue has an advertisement showing there will be a stand there for accuquilt. I'm wondering what the difference is between the GO and Studio, so I have a bit of background knowledge. I'm enjoying your Blog, Lisa.


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