Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day Quilt

I don't get to see my mom very often since she lives in South Carolina. We try to make it home every 12-18 months, and were last there for Thanksgiving 2011. I thought it would be nice to be there for Mother's Day one of these years since I hadn't been with her on Mother's Day since the year I left 1983.  So...we surprised her for Mother's Day! The humidity in SC is way too high in May for this Oregon girl, but I did it for my mom :) 

This quilt is made with Timber by Jessica Levitt for Windham Fabrics. I've been holding onto this fabric for a long time because I knew that I would make something beautiful out of it someday. And I did just that. For my mom.

I know I took a TON of pics, so just sit back and enjoy! 

First I took a few pics of the quilt before we left for our trip. 

I told my mom that she needed to do a bit of posing with her quilt. This lady takes her posing seriously :) 

Isn't she adorable? She absolutely loved her quilt. She didn't want anything to touch it or get it dirty. I told her that I wanted her to love this quilt and use it every single day even with her big slobbery dog, Bluto (he pretty much soaks whatever he licks). In my opinion, quilts are made to be used, to provide comfort and love. And that's exactly why I made it for her. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Fabric??

When I came home from work yesterday, there was a white package on the entry table that was marked "Lisa".....that's it. I asked my hubby what it was all about, and he said he assumed it was Dana who had dropped it off. 

I couldn't wait to open it up! I knew exactly what was in that package - My backing & binding fabrics (The Quilted Fish) for my Riley Blake Block of the Month.
I know these are a little funky to go together, but I'm mixing at least two, if not three different lines of fabric for this BOM, some soft, some bright. 

I ordered this panel for the Right Angles Challenge. It's so cool with all of the colors and shapes.  I have lots of ideas running through my head, just haven't settled on anything yet. You can find all the rules and FAQs on the Art Gallery Fabrics website. There are some pretty awesome prizes to be won, so check it out! 

I really wasn't going to buy any more fabric. I keep saying that, but I really needed the Quilted Fish fabric to be able to finish the Riley Blake BOM quilt. And I really wanted to enter the Right Angles Challenge; therefore, I needed the Right Angles Panel. 

As you can see, I had to take the above pics on my quilting room floor because this is what my design wall looks like right now. 
The quilt that's on the design wall is the one I'm making for the Relay For Life raffle. My sewing table isn't usually pushed up against my design wall. It's usually right smack dab in the middle of my room so that I can walk around all sides.  But this quilt that I'm quilting right now is pretty big and a little heavy and awkward, so I decided to push my table up against my design wall so that the quilt couldn't go off the edge and pull as I'm trying to quilt it. So far, so good. 

Don't forget to check out the Right Angles Challenge!!! Deadline is June 6th. Winter Creek Cloth still has some panels in stock if you need to order one.