Monday, April 1, 2013

My Recent Wins

Oh yeah.....I'm a lucky girl!  Seriously. I've won two pretty awesome gifts lately! 

The first one was a beautiful wool felt candle mat kit. I've never done a project like this but am SO looking forward to starting it! Wanna know how I won it? I joined the big Drop And Give Me Twenty that Beth of EvaPaige Quilt Designs hosted for the month of February.  The idea was to spend at least 20 minutes doing something quilty for every single day in February. This was the 2nd year she did it, I believe, and I'll bet she's probably going to do it again next year. Put it on your! This kit was donated by Annelle's OriginalsLook at the colors of the felt and the floss! Beautiful!!

My second win was AURIFIL THREAD! Woot! I won this from Brie who blogs over at Little Creatable.  Isn't it beautiful???

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for some pics of my Riley Blake BOM and my Sugar Block BOM....just need to start them so I can finish them and take some pics! Tonight's the night! 


  1. You have the luck!!! Do you love Aurifil threads? I just started using them but they glide through my machine. I can really tell the difference.

    Can't wait to see what you sew with them!

  2. Congrats on your two awesome prizes....

  3. Great prizes! And the thread looks yummy. I haven't tried Aurifil thread yet. I might have to, so I'll know what all the hype is about. :) Sounds like they are dreamy to work with.

  4. You are a very lucky girl! Congrats...

  5. You ARE a lucky girl!!
    So tell us...did you do the 20 minutes a day?? :)

    1. Well, Lori, I came really close. I did at least 20 minutes on most days and way more than 20 minutes on some days :)

  6. Great wins - well done. I love them both!


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