Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hideaway Hexies

I have finally joined the big hexie movement! Woot! Yesterday, I cut my first hexies and worked on a few practice ones, and they all came out great! I've done so much research on hexies (probably way more than I needed to!) and found some great resources! For some reason, I couldn't just jump in and start making hexies! I was probably overthinking it and worrying more than I needed to about doing it the "right" way.  I just didn't want to make a grandmother's flower garden the wrong way.  That would be bad. 

I already knew which fabric I was going to use. I've been hoarding Hideaway for a very long time, and I knew that I wanted to make a special quilt out of it. I only have about 5 different patterns from the line, but that's will still be beautiful.  And who knows.....maybe I'll get some of the other ones before I finish this quilt. I have a feeling it's going to be awhile before it's complete.

I had originally planned to make big hexagons so the quilt would be finished quicker, but then decided that I really, really like the look of the smaller ones so went for the 1" hexies. I know....that's crazy, huh? 

After jumping from blog to blog to blog, and doing a lot of reading, I finally decided on this website for my templates Geta's Quilting Studio because her templates worked best with the size I needed, as I planned to cut my fabric with my Hex n' More ruler. It does take a little bit of time to cut them out, but not too bad. 

Then I read a ton of websites on how to construct the hexies. Good-ness!!! I probably would've been fine just jumping in and start sewing.  Again, I just didn't want to mess up on these things. It's a lot of work, and that would be awful to put in all the time and work and find out it was done incorrectly. So, I finally decided to use Lori's post over at Bee In My Bonnet.  Her tutorial is awesome!  She has great pictures and very detailed instructions!

So.....would ya like to see what I've done so far? It's not much, but it's only day one of the Hideway Hexie Quilt. 

Is that fabric just the cutest? Look at those tiny little birds and flowers! And how do you like that product placement? That's my HP Envy Spectre. I love that thing! And I may or may not know/love/live with someone who works at HP. 

Oh, and speaking of hexies
It's a little uneven, but it's still a hexie. And it's a delcious hexie at that! 


  1. I paper punch two holes in the templates of mine. It makes it easier to pin them to the fabric and line up all of the templates and the fabric. Then I use the holes afterwards with a crochet hook to pull the templates out of the pattern pieces. They sure help. Looking good, and hexies are sure fun!

  2. I love hexies, too! Yours are looking great. I am having trouble getting started on some, too. I just love them though. I was in a store today and she was piecing hexies about half the size of a penny!!! I took a photo and will share!

  3. I LOVED the tutorial from Bee in My Bonnet. I might have to have negotiate something with Zoe when I finally have a go at hexies. Like you I'm not going to jump in (partly because I have a mountain of other projects to finish!). I really like the 1" as well. So, you cut out your paper templates then? I think I might 'cheat' and buy some commercial papers (this might change when my children are older and I am not cutting out 3 dozen tiny farm animals out of cardboard or 100 stars of differing sizes!).

  4. I love, love, LOVE that fabric, Lisa!!

    My mind boggles at the thought of hexies. I'll get there eventually...

    When I saw the picture of the cookie/scone/goodie cut into a hexie shape, I imagined you randomly cutting different household things into hexies. :)

  5. Super cute fabrics!! Can't wait to see more hexies develop and watch this one slowly come together. :)

  6. I joined the movement in December and have already made over 1000 1" hexies. I'm crazy but they are for 2 different projects. I switch back and forth between the two when I get bored. I absolutely love your fabric!!!


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