Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bustin' Some Moves!

I decided to link up with Kim who blogs over at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure to bust some moves....ummmmm....I mean scraps. I have so many flippin' scraps, it's not funny! Here's a pic of my very organized scraps.  Impressive, eh? 

And my unorganized scraps.....not so impressive.
I've been wanting to try the x & + scrappy quilt block, so thought this would be a great way to start.  I have a hard time with scrappy, but this is kind of organized scrappy, right? So thought I'd give it a shot. 
This is weird to me. I really, really struggle with making scrappy.  I absolutely love the look of scrappy quilts, though.  Is that weird? Maybe I just have weird fabric. Hmmmmm......

I thought I'd give it another shot and came up with this one. 

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout! Woot! OK, I think I might be able to get used to this scrappy stuff! 

What's funny is that my husband really liked the first one better than the second one! 

Hop over and check out Kim's blog and all those who joined in to use up their scraps! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else accomplished :)


  1. I think they are both fab, though I must say I like the first one just a smidge more (I think it's the polka dots - I'm a sucker for polka dots!). I like your green scrap basket - can't you just tuck the overhanging bits of fabric in and call it organised?

  2. I think they both look fun--maybe it just depends on which colors appeal to you most. Do you know how many of these blocks you'll make, or are you just playing around and seeing what happens?

  3. I love scraps! :) Your blocks look cute! How funny that you made these blocks with your scraps. I came across a bee earlier today making these blocks and they had one spot left open, I wonder if it's the one you were talking about. I joined. *sigh* What was I thinking? ha! I think it will be fun though. I loved the modern block bee I did last year that was mostly AUS, and this one is mostly UK, and I'm a sucker for international squishy mail!! So we can make some x's and +'s together! :) Yay! Scrap on, sister!

  4. Oooh great scraps! Your bins are so colorful it would be difficult for me NOT to go digging through them! ;)

  5. I'm getting ready to make a scrappy quilt, too! I found a pattern I like in the Quilting magazine, and just can't wait to get started!!

  6. Both of your blocks look great! I was totally intimidated by scrappy quilts and now they are my favorite... it just takes some time. I used to over think them way too much! Once you start laying them next to each other they just get better and better.

  7. Our scrap stashes look similar. I have drawers of organized scraps and a big tub of unorganized ones!


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