Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hexie Update

If you've been reading my blog posts recently, you know that I've just started playing around with hexies. 
Oh My Goodness!
I seriously can't believe how addicting these things are!!! I've been taking them to work with me to work on during my lunch break, keeping them downstairs to work on when I'm just hanging out watching TV, relaxing on the deck. I even took them in the car yesterday as we headed to Portland for a concert! 
Not very many of my friends/coworkers have heard of Blind Pilot. They're a Portland band, and they're pretty awesome. They were even on Ellen's birthday celebration because they're one of her favorite bands. To be quite honest, I'm not sure I would've gone if I had known that the Oregon Symphony would be playing without Blind Pilot for a good bit of the show.I thought the entire show was going to be a collaboration of Blind Pilot with the symphony. Of course, when Blind Pilot came on stage, that pretty much made up for the symphony putting me to sleep. 

On the way to the concert, I had them in a nice little container on my lap (I wasn't driving) and there was one point when all the traffic came to a stop because people were too busy watching an accident that was on the other side of the freeway, and all of my hexies went onto the floorboard.  :/ BUT I just scooped those babies right back up and kept on sewing. So portable! 

After we arrived in Portland, we were walking to one of our favorite restaurants and noticed this! 
Hexagons! They're everywhere! I'm sure there were people around wondering why I was taking a pic of the sidewalk. 

So here's the latest progress with my hexies. Yes, I keep them in a sandwich keeper.....for now. I'm sure one of these days I'm going to end up putting my hexies in the fridge at work instead of my sandwich! I'm sure I'll outgrow this container pretty soon, so need to figure out what I'm putting them in next.  I need to find a sturdy little travel container that keeps them a little more organized. If you know of such a little container, please share! 
I seriously can't get enough of this fabric. I think I need to order a little bit of ALL of the patterns I'm missing. Hope I can still find it! I think I'll put this on my hubby's shopping list on Pinterest

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hideaway Hexies

I have finally joined the big hexie movement! Woot! Yesterday, I cut my first hexies and worked on a few practice ones, and they all came out great! I've done so much research on hexies (probably way more than I needed to!) and found some great resources! For some reason, I couldn't just jump in and start making hexies! I was probably overthinking it and worrying more than I needed to about doing it the "right" way.  I just didn't want to make a grandmother's flower garden the wrong way.  That would be bad. 

I already knew which fabric I was going to use. I've been hoarding Hideaway for a very long time, and I knew that I wanted to make a special quilt out of it. I only have about 5 different patterns from the line, but that's will still be beautiful.  And who knows.....maybe I'll get some of the other ones before I finish this quilt. I have a feeling it's going to be awhile before it's complete.

I had originally planned to make big hexagons so the quilt would be finished quicker, but then decided that I really, really like the look of the smaller ones so went for the 1" hexies. I know....that's crazy, huh? 

After jumping from blog to blog to blog, and doing a lot of reading, I finally decided on this website for my templates Geta's Quilting Studio because her templates worked best with the size I needed, as I planned to cut my fabric with my Hex n' More ruler. It does take a little bit of time to cut them out, but not too bad. 

Then I read a ton of websites on how to construct the hexies. Good-ness!!! I probably would've been fine just jumping in and start sewing.  Again, I just didn't want to mess up on these things. It's a lot of work, and that would be awful to put in all the time and work and find out it was done incorrectly. So, I finally decided to use Lori's post over at Bee In My Bonnet.  Her tutorial is awesome!  She has great pictures and very detailed instructions!

So.....would ya like to see what I've done so far? It's not much, but it's only day one of the Hideway Hexie Quilt. 

Is that fabric just the cutest? Look at those tiny little birds and flowers! And how do you like that product placement? That's my HP Envy Spectre. I love that thing! And I may or may not know/love/live with someone who works at HP. 

Oh, and speaking of hexies
It's a little uneven, but it's still a hexie. And it's a delcious hexie at that! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Riley Blake Block of the Month and FABRIC!

I'm LOVING the fabrics I'm using from The Quilted Fish, and I think this might be my favorite block so far. 
Seriously.....this picture doesn't do it justice. I think I need a new camera. I've been using my iPhone camera, but I think I'm ready to move up into the real world of cameras. Hint Hint  :)  This fabric is just so bright and fun! 

We had our Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Saturday, and my favorite fabric person - Dana from Winter Creek Cloth - brought my online purchase. I wanted to make sure that I had all the fabric I needed to finish my Sugar Block Club quilt, so I bought enough for the backing, the sashing, and the binding.  is this stuff beautiful or what??? I'll be using the stripe for the binding, the pink for the sashing, and the bright flowery fabric for the backing. I can't wait to see this quilt finished! I'm learning so many new techniques, especially paper piecing. Although I've had a little frustration, I have to keep reminding myself that it's something new and I can't always expect to do it right the first time! Right? 
I also just placed an order for the remainder of The Quilted Fish fabric from Winter Creek Cloth, so I know I'll have what I need to finish that quilt, too! 

If you haven't checked out Winter Creek Cloth's website, you should! Great fabrics, great sale prices, and excellent customer service! And her domestic shipping is only $5!!! Oh, and make sure you sign up for her newsletters to be informed of her specials, new arrivals, and giveaways! more thing! She's also on Facebook....she's everywhere! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bustin' Some Moves!

I decided to link up with Kim who blogs over at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure to bust some moves....ummmmm....I mean scraps. I have so many flippin' scraps, it's not funny! Here's a pic of my very organized scraps.  Impressive, eh? 

And my unorganized scraps.....not so impressive.
I've been wanting to try the x & + scrappy quilt block, so thought this would be a great way to start.  I have a hard time with scrappy, but this is kind of organized scrappy, right? So thought I'd give it a shot. 
This is weird to me. I really, really struggle with making scrappy.  I absolutely love the look of scrappy quilts, though.  Is that weird? Maybe I just have weird fabric. Hmmmmm......

I thought I'd give it another shot and came up with this one. 

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' 'bout! Woot! OK, I think I might be able to get used to this scrappy stuff! 

What's funny is that my husband really liked the first one better than the second one! 

Hop over and check out Kim's blog and all those who joined in to use up their scraps! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else accomplished :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

No Ripping!

So proud of myself! I finished my April block for the Sugar Block Club without using my seam ripper! Woot! If you've never paper pieced before, you probably won't understand what a huge deal this is. Paper piecing is done with a stitch length of 1.0 or 1.5. That's so flippin' tiny! If you mess up, it's such a pain to rip out the stitches. If you have paper pieced, I know you get what I'm talking about.

I love this block and would totally do it again! 
Here are the blocks for January through March. 
I've had such a relaxing Sunday. Just sitting here sewing all day, having a cup of coffee...or two....or three, with the rain pouring outside, and listening to the lectures from QuiltCon on Craftsy. This is my kind of weekend! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blocks of the Month and a Giveaway

Sometimes I'm just too tired when I get home from work to do anything in my sewing room that requires too much concentration, and the February Riley Blake BOM definitely required concentration! I had to do a little repair after messing up TWICE! It still isn't ideal (I'm not expecting perfect), but it's better than it was. I'm pretty new to this paper piecing stuff. Hopefully, it'll blend right in with the other blocks once they're all put together. 
My March block was MUCH easier! And the three of them look pretty nice together. Can't wait for April's block! 

I spent most of today trying to figure out a quilt to make for the Relay For Life raffle. I got some fabric cut out but I'm just not feelin' it. Maybe another day.

Tonight I started cutting out all of the pieces for my April block for the Sugar Block Club, and realized as I was posting this pic that I'm missing 4 pieces :/
Oh! Did my post title mention something about a giveaway? You may remember a recent giveaway during the Quilting Gallery's blog hop that was sponsored by Dana at Winter Creek Cloth. If you signed up for her newsletter at that time, then you probably already know about her April giveaway. If not, then all you need to do is email her at with "NEWSLETTER QUILTS" in the subject line, no later than April 15th, and she'll go ahead and enter your name in this month's giveaway, which is a Comma charm pack by Zen Chic for Moda! Of course, sign up for her newsletter to receive future announcements of her sales, new arrivals, and giveaways! She has a pretty awesome online shop and you should definitely check it out if you haven't done so already! 
Comma newsletter giveaway
Oh, and Kelli who blogs over at Seriously..I think it needs stitches is also having a sponsored giveaway by Winter Creek Cloth! Check it out here!

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Recent Wins

Oh yeah.....I'm a lucky girl!  Seriously. I've won two pretty awesome gifts lately! 

The first one was a beautiful wool felt candle mat kit. I've never done a project like this but am SO looking forward to starting it! Wanna know how I won it? I joined the big Drop And Give Me Twenty that Beth of EvaPaige Quilt Designs hosted for the month of February.  The idea was to spend at least 20 minutes doing something quilty for every single day in February. This was the 2nd year she did it, I believe, and I'll bet she's probably going to do it again next year. Put it on your! This kit was donated by Annelle's OriginalsLook at the colors of the felt and the floss! Beautiful!!

My second win was AURIFIL THREAD! Woot! I won this from Brie who blogs over at Little Creatable.  Isn't it beautiful???

That's all for now.  Stay tuned for some pics of my Riley Blake BOM and my Sugar Block BOM....just need to start them so I can finish them and take some pics! Tonight's the night!