Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday, Seester!

Yesterday was my older seester's 50th birthday! Happy Birthday, Carol! 

Quite a while back, probably about a year ago, I told her that I would make her a quilt for her 50th birthday and asked her what colors she had in her living room. She sent me a pic from her cell phone, and I did my best to pick out fabric that would match. I placed an order for Grandma's House by The Paper Loft for Riley Blake at Fabric Nerds. I know it sounds like fabric for an old person, but it really doesn't look like "old person" fabric....really. 

I started her quilt in December, after the rush of the holiday season. I made some half-square triangles with the thought of making a chevron pattern. 
But then I found this HST Spiral Quilt and loved it so went with that instead. 
 As I sat here Friday night binding her quilt, Giacomo was by my side making sure that at least part of his tiny little body was touching the quilt. I sat here with my glass of red wine, enjoying this last part of quilting.  I love this part! 

Then Giacomo saw something outside, jumped up and barked, which startled me. Yep, you guessed wine splashed all over me and the quilt. I jumped up, ran straight to the sink and started soaking it, ran to the laundry room and grabbed some Tide. After a few minutes of soaking and rubbing, it appeared to be gone.
By that time, the wine had soaked into my sweater. 
I've soaked it two or three times now.  The wine is still there. I think I actually see wine stains on my skin in this picture....or maybe my lens is dirty! ha ha! 

Carol texted me yesterday afternoon while I was at work (she's 3 hours ahead of me) to let me know that she got it. She said she was going to start crying. You see, she was only expecting biscotti, which I always sometimes make for her birthday---Sambuca Almond Biscotti, her favorite! She still got the biscotti but it was wrapped up inside the quilt :) 

A few pics of the finished quilt.....

Excuse the horrible coloring in the pics....I have no idea what's going on with my iPhone camera.  Or maybe it's just me. Actually, the good pics in this blog are the ones that my hubby took with his non-iPhone. 

And here are some pics of my seester with her quilt....
 Can you believe she's 50???  I think she looks pretty awesome for 50!
Look at that red wine!  Ha ha! Wouldn't that be funny if she spilled red wine on it, too??


  1. What a beautiful quilt! It looks like your [young looking!] sister really likes it. Happy Birthday to her!

  2. Aw, it's gorgeous! What a special gift.. I love the backing and the binding fabrics, too, and the pattern. So glad the wine came out of the quilt. You can always get a new sweater. ;) I don't think I've ever seen any Riley Blake fabric that I didn't like! :)

  3. Wow, it turned out great, love the quilting!

  4. Oh it's beautiful Lisa! What a great fabric range - I've never seen it before (you're right - not old ladyish at all!). Great quilt pattern!

  5. Lisa
    The story is still funny. I did not spill the wine (that night anyoway).
    You are an awesome quilter and Seester!
    Love you, Carol

    Ps. Do NOT expect a quilt from me on your 50th...HA

    1. Hey Seester! You're so sweet :) I can bet that quilt is going to see some red wine again one of these days....Just have a feeling ;) Happy Birthday!

  6. I love that you start out by making it CLEAR that she's your OLDER seester. ;)
    Carol, 50 clearly suits you!
    Gorgeous quilt, Lisa!! I love the quilting, too, although that looks like twice the work to LEAST! Love the strip down the back, too, and your choice for the binding.

  7. That is a super-wonderful quilt, and you are a great little seester to have made something so special for Carol!

  8. That quilt is so pretty and so is your 'seester'. What a wonderful gift to give. I love it! I was pretty excited when I saw your chevron patterned quilt pinned up...I am giving my mom tons of hints that I want a chevron quilt. I keep pinning them and tagging her on Pinterest. Do you think she will get the hint? lol

  9. That's it - sippy cups for your red wine from now on!!! Sew glad you were able to get that out of your sister's quilt - and how ironic that she is sitting under it with red wine. Did you two apples not fall far from the same tree?

    Beautiful quilt!


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