Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Design Wall Tutorial

Love, Love, Love my design wall! It's not anything fancy, but it's perfect for me. I was so tired of laying my quilt tops out on the floor, and I didn't want to hang a flannel sheet on my wall.  I found a few ideas online, and just sort of combined a few ideas and came up with this.  Of course, my hubby helped me with this....a lot! 

I bought five 2x4 insulation boards and cut them to make a 6x6 design wall (ended up with a 2x2 piece left over), then taped them all together with strapping tape.

We then wrapped the 6x6 wall with batting. I think I ended up using a queen size because that's all I ever seem to have on hand. Of course, then I had some leftovers for smaller projects. I used a stapler to hold the batting in place, but that really didn't work all that well since the insulation board is foam and the staples kept wanting to pop back out. 

I then taped over the stapled area with strapping tape. 

The dude then made brackets to hold it to the wall so that we didn't have to actually attach the design wall to the drywall. 

One of the two top brackets
One of the two bottom brackets

Here is it all covered with strips ready to be made into a quilt.

And here it is just waiting for some fabric!


  1. Oh my.. that is so super cool. How are the brackets attached to the wall? I love the look of the whole thing. And HOORAY for your new sponsor!! :)

    1. Thanks, Kelli Q! The brackets are attached to the wall using the screws that are in the pic, using drywall anchors.

  2. That's fantastic Lisa! So very functional. I still use the floor (the room that I sew in has windows or doors on all four sides - probably not much chance of squeezing one in!). Even if the children don't step on my quilt top pieces, they go past is such a rush that they move anyway!!

  3. Wow, that's pretty cool, Lisa!
    I use the floor...which means the cats come to "help" regularly. :)

  4. Thanks for sending me this link to your tut! I think a trip to my local Home Depot is in order now. :)

  5. You know, I did the same trick before with a board we made. The staples kept popping out, so I sealed it with some strapping tape. It worked as expected. We're still using our insulation board, but definitely not as pretty as yours.


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