Thursday, February 28, 2013

Show and Tell with Pat Sloan

I'm linking up over at Pat Sloan's Show and Tell Thursday. It looks like Pat is participating in the Sugar Block Club, too! Check it out and link up your blog, Flickr page, or Pinterest page.  

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Design Wall Tutorial

Love, Love, Love my design wall! It's not anything fancy, but it's perfect for me. I was so tired of laying my quilt tops out on the floor, and I didn't want to hang a flannel sheet on my wall.  I found a few ideas online, and just sort of combined a few ideas and came up with this.  Of course, my hubby helped me with this....a lot! 

I bought five 2x4 insulation boards and cut them to make a 6x6 design wall (ended up with a 2x2 piece left over), then taped them all together with strapping tape.

We then wrapped the 6x6 wall with batting. I think I ended up using a queen size because that's all I ever seem to have on hand. Of course, then I had some leftovers for smaller projects. I used a stapler to hold the batting in place, but that really didn't work all that well since the insulation board is foam and the staples kept wanting to pop back out. 

I then taped over the stapled area with strapping tape. 

The dude then made brackets to hold it to the wall so that we didn't have to actually attach the design wall to the drywall. 

One of the two top brackets
One of the two bottom brackets

Here is it all covered with strips ready to be made into a quilt.

And here it is just waiting for some fabric!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

FNSI Finish

Woo hoo! I finally finished my Sugar Block Club February block! This was my first attempt at paper piecing. It was definitely challenging, but I was really enjoying it by the end....late last night....once I figured out how to do it correctly. AND the seams just come out so crisp and clean, almost perfect. If you haven't attempted paper piecing out of fear, try it just might like it! 

Paper Piecing Procrastination

Why did both Riley Blake & Sugar Block Club decide to have paper piecing for their February blocks??? Blah! I was a bit nervous about trying it out, and so I found other things to work on.....just procrastinating, fearing the unknown. 

First, I procrastinated by starting a quilt for someone.....If you're reading this maybe it's for you. Or maybe it's for me.  Who knows? 
Then I made a bag for Lidia.  Lidia is a friend/coworker who is from El Salvador. When she saw this bag last year, she asked if I would make one for her to send to her mother. Over the last year, she has mentioned on an occasion or two....or more :) that she would love for me to make a bag for her. Of course, I always have a quilt that I'm working on and never got around to making a bag for her.  Her birthday was last week, so I finally got around to it.  

She loved it and said "Those are my colors!"  Not sure if she'll be keeping it or sending it to her mom.  I'll be happy either way.  :) 

I finally got around to the Sugar Block Club paper piecing, and finished it last night. Love it! I might go so far as to say I really enjoyed paper piecing, which is definitely NOT what I said the first day I started it! I probably shouldn't type what I wasn't pretty.  I'll post a pic later today in my next post about my FSNI last night. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Night Sew In

Just discovered that it's Friday Night Sew In tonight! Getting a late start but definitely going to get my February block for Sugar Block Club done tonight! 

Check out Heidi's FNSI sign-up page and link up.  If it's too late this time around (Heck! It's after 9PM!), check it out next month. It's always fun to see what everyone is creating. 
Handmade by Heidi
See ya back tomorrow with some pics! 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Blocks of the Month...Fabric...Modern Quilt Guild

I'm a little behind on my blocks of the month.  I finished my Riley Blake block in January but didn't finish my Sugar Block Club block because I was so busy working on my seester's quilt. I had also been waiting for my Free Spirit fat quarter bundle to arrive. 
In the meantime, I went to my first Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild sew day last month and met a few quilters/sewists, which was really nice.  One of the girls, Dana, has an online fabric shop Winter Creek Cloth right here in Corvallis. Well, I just happen to love fabric and also love to support local businesses. So of course I ran.....yes, ran...home to order some fabric.  Okay, I didn't really run, but I drove at high speed to get home to order some fabric. I browsed, and browsed, and browsed some more, putting stuff in my shopping cart then removing it, then putting it back in. I finally decided on this lovely fabric. 
Rhapsody in Bloom by Maywood Studio

Riley Blake Love Birds -- I got 2 Fat Eighths Bundles! 

Studio e Daisy Daze
Isn't it beautiful? She has quite a selection, and her shipping is only $5!! Yes, even with the recent increase in postal rates. Not sure how long it's going to stay at $5 so maybe you should check it!  

I decided to use the Studio e Daisy Daze with my Free Spirit bundle to make the Sugar Block Club blocks, and here's the January block. 

I cannot wait to see how this quilt turns out! It's gonna be for me, me, me!!!

It's sew day time again! If you live in the area, join us for a day of sewing tomorrow, Saturday 2/9. Stay however long you'd like. Check the Facebook page for information: Corvallis Modern Quilt Guild

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy 50th Birthday, Seester!

Yesterday was my older seester's 50th birthday! Happy Birthday, Carol! 

Quite a while back, probably about a year ago, I told her that I would make her a quilt for her 50th birthday and asked her what colors she had in her living room. She sent me a pic from her cell phone, and I did my best to pick out fabric that would match. I placed an order for Grandma's House by The Paper Loft for Riley Blake at Fabric Nerds. I know it sounds like fabric for an old person, but it really doesn't look like "old person" fabric....really. 

I started her quilt in December, after the rush of the holiday season. I made some half-square triangles with the thought of making a chevron pattern. 
But then I found this HST Spiral Quilt and loved it so went with that instead. 
 As I sat here Friday night binding her quilt, Giacomo was by my side making sure that at least part of his tiny little body was touching the quilt. I sat here with my glass of red wine, enjoying this last part of quilting.  I love this part! 

Then Giacomo saw something outside, jumped up and barked, which startled me. Yep, you guessed wine splashed all over me and the quilt. I jumped up, ran straight to the sink and started soaking it, ran to the laundry room and grabbed some Tide. After a few minutes of soaking and rubbing, it appeared to be gone.
By that time, the wine had soaked into my sweater. 
I've soaked it two or three times now.  The wine is still there. I think I actually see wine stains on my skin in this picture....or maybe my lens is dirty! ha ha! 

Carol texted me yesterday afternoon while I was at work (she's 3 hours ahead of me) to let me know that she got it. She said she was going to start crying. You see, she was only expecting biscotti, which I always sometimes make for her birthday---Sambuca Almond Biscotti, her favorite! She still got the biscotti but it was wrapped up inside the quilt :) 

A few pics of the finished quilt.....

Excuse the horrible coloring in the pics....I have no idea what's going on with my iPhone camera.  Or maybe it's just me. Actually, the good pics in this blog are the ones that my hubby took with his non-iPhone. 

And here are some pics of my seester with her quilt....
 Can you believe she's 50???  I think she looks pretty awesome for 50!
Look at that red wine!  Ha ha! Wouldn't that be funny if she spilled red wine on it, too??