Sunday, January 20, 2013

What is a Quilt Jam?

What in the world is a Quilt Jam anyway??? 

Over the years, I've been called "Lisa Lisa" by quite a few people. So, when it came time for me to start my blog, I knew exactly what I would name it.  I really don't know what a "Quilt Jam" is, but as I started writing my one-year blogiversary post (tomorrow!!!), I decided to take a look at "quilt jam" definitions. 

According to Urban Dictionary, here are the definitions for "Jam"
1)  2 or more musicians making music together but not an official band (could be 2 or more quilters, right?)
2)  To relax, or chill out (definitely describes quilting....most of the time, anyway)
3)  A fruity preserve that usually goes on toast or in sandwiches (hmmmmm.....not in my quilting room!)
4)  To get together with people to play music (.....or to quilt)
5)  Slang term for money, started in urban cities in the midwest (ummmmm....maybe I should start a business?)
6)  A positive multifunctiontional expression for wanting to be "all over" a person, place, or thing .b. This word is also used singuarly as an exclamation of goodness or excitment. c. A serisouly groovy tune i.e. Bennie and the Jets. Originally derived from the Rasta term "Jammin" as applied to music and musical performances made popluar by Bob Marley. (Whoa! Lots of misspellings in this entry! Yes, I am "all over" quilting! Quilt goodness/excitement? Yes! Seriously groovy quilting? Yes!  Jammin'? Yes!)
7)  A party, hopefully with lots of free beer (Yes! I've been known to have a party in my quilting room....with it's free! Come on over!)

So there ya have it.  My Quilt Jam is all of those things rolled into one --- singing, drinking, relaxing, jammin', chillin', groovy quilting, etc. Good times!

Stay tuned for my giveaway - Just one more day!

Lisa Lisa


  1. A free wine quiltin' jammin' party sounds good to me.

  2. I'll be over shortly for some Quilt Jammin' FUN! Hugs to you and hope you are doing's been forever hope all is going well!!


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