Saturday, January 5, 2013

It started to look a lot like Christmas....

I had such good intentions. I wanted so badly to make my house look cozy and warm for Christmas, to make it look like a quilter lives here. I started on a Christmas quilt back in November but then decided I wanted to make something I could finish quickly (Yes, Alana, I remember you asking me if I thought I could actually finish it before Christmas and I said yes like it was no big deal). I was even home alone for four days while my husband was on a business trip recently. I thought it would be the perfect time to start some projects, and maybe finish them before he returned.  Ha ha ha! Yep, I was stuck here in the cold, rainy Pacific Northwest while he was heading to sunny San Diego. Well, the weather wasn't particularly sunny-Southern-California warm, and a teeny tiny part of me was happy about that. I know that sounds mean. I have this teeny tiny mean streak that comes out occasionally....I can't help's hereditary.  Some call it sassy. Some call it attitude.  

Anyway, I absolutely H-A-T-E when my husband is out of town, but it does make me appreciate all the things he does when he's here (dog duty, trash, etc.). While he was gone this time, the only thing I was able to put together was this cute little table runner using a City Girl Holiday charm pack. I love it!!! 

I had a few leftover squares so will probably make a wall hanging...or a pillow...or a smaller table topper. 

My goal this year is to make several holiday quilty items so that my house is ready for Christmas 2013. Maybe I'll even get a few other holiday items done - 4th of July? Halloween? Thanksgiving? Not sure how since I still need to fit in a 40-hour work week and workouts at the gym three days a week!!

A few things that I have planned  for this year-- 
*Snowball Fight Pillow that Amy at Stitchery Dickory Dock just posted recently.  Super easy and super cute! Oh, and I also joined her Sugar Block Club so will be making a quilt for myself this year!!
*Christmas Tree wall hanging that should be pretty easy. 
*Two wall hangings that I purchased at a quilt show and my local quilt shop.
*My Christmas quilt that I started in November. 

Well, it's Saturday morning and I need to head upstairs and get started on some quilting! 

~ Lisa Lisa

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  1. The table runner is really cute! Can't wait to see the other stuff you're gonna make this year...


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