Saturday, September 8, 2012

Number 97 at the Cutting Counter

While on a much needed extra-long lunch break recently, I decided to go to a well-known craft/fabric store to pick up a few items, especially one particular item that I've been trying to purchase for over two weeks, but they never have it in stock, even though they ordered it over a month ago. How's that for a nice long run-on sentence? ;)

I went to the back of the store to see if the 2-inch Nu-Foam was in stock, and it was!! So excited! Finally! I started walking towards the cutting counter to see about getting someone to cut it for me. No one was at the counter, but I saw an employee walking towards me, so I asked her how I could go about getting a yard of this item.  It's a pretty large box - probably at least 2'x2'x2', so I wasn't sure if they rolled it out back there or carried the whole box to the cutting counter. She offered to get the box and take it to the counter because "We can't cut it back here." Ummm....OK...thanks? 

After we got back to the cutting counter, she said "Did you take a number?" SERIOUSLY?? I think there was one other person in the entire store!! I said "No. I just stopped to ask you a question, and we just got back to the counter." She then asked me to take a number and tell her what the number was. OK, first, I looked around to make sure I wasn't on Candid Camera (is that show still around?) or Punk'd. Then I took a number --#97. She then got on the PA system to announce that she was assisting #97 at the cutting counter. OMG!! It felt like a scene from Saturday Night Live with Kristen Wiig playing a fabric store employee! Ha Ha! When I went through the checkout, I was told once again that they had no bags (they've had no bags for quite a while now!l)  Twilight Zone?? So I piled all of my smaller items into my big piece of foam and walked all the way back to my car...still feeling like I was on some TV show. What a strange little shopping trip! 

Oh....and when I went there again just the other day, (yes, I go there a lot),  I noticed the lady in front of me walking out with a pile of fabric with all of her little stuff piled on top, so I was prepared to stuff everything into my purse.  It's a good thing that I had my Roxie in Red Kaboo bag that I won on Craftaholics Anonymous. :D

Oh, and here's a pic of what I'm currently working on :)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I had someone at a DMV do that to me! In Western Tennessee, I think (it was years ago). But I was made to draw a number (no one else around inside), and then I HAD TO WAIT FOR 15 MINUTES (just because?) for them to call my number. While two clerks sat behind the counter and yapped it up. ?!?!?

  2. This is just too funny! No wonder you thought you were on Candid Camera, I would have. And what's with no bags. You'd think someone would bring some from home just to serve the customers. At least we can laugh about it.

  3. I'm gonna start checking YouTube for your video. ;)

  4. Apparently the staff were told a rule - to call numbers out no matter what - and by god they are sticking to that rule!! Too funny!!! And sureal for sure!

  5. HAHAHahaha!! TOO funny!!! No wonder you felt like you were being *Punk'd*!!! I wouldn't have been able to hold in the laughter had it have been me! Well done keeping your composure!!

  6. This cracked me up so much! Thanks for the laugh. :) I also love the pic of those fabrics. Yummy!

    I had a similar experience at the airport once. Waiting to see if I would be able to get on a flight standby, was the ONLY person left in the terminal not on the flight. Had gone up to inquire about seating availability several times.. Finally, the same girl gets on her loud speaker and calls my name to please come to the ticket counter. I was sitting like 20 feet from her, all alone, in a sea of empty terminal seats. I had the same exact reaction you did. LOL "Am I on SNL right now, Candid Camera?"

  7. This was a great story! Surprised you didn't just say, am I being punked? HAHAHA! I have a goofy story for you that this reminds me of. I was in a craft/ misc. store visiting my grandmother who at the time was working there. A unknowing victim, I mean customer approaches her asking where he might find a broom. She points and says the long underwear are on sale in aisle 5. He says oh I am sorry, I asked about the brooms, she said, yes, I know the long underwear are in line 5, he turns walks away, she turns and looks at me like he is the crazy one! I said Mom Mommmmmm, he was asking about brooooooooms, she says like it made all the sense in the world but it is a really good deal on the long underwear! HaHaHa! Way to go Mom Mom for upselling! :-p

    PS...So glad you found my blog, I am now following yours too! :-)

  8. Okay, so Kelli told me months ago I would love your blog, and the name is just fantastic BTW, so I finally read it today and this post is HILARIOUS! I can so see this happening to me and my blogging about it myself. Except it happened to you and I'm kind of jealous about that. I'm going to be following now, and I hope you'll check out my blog (Quilting Hottie Haven) too!


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