Monday, September 3, 2012

....and we have a winner!

I wasn't sure how to use the random number generator that I signed up for, and I didn't want to write down 146 numbers on little slips of paper, so I googled random number generators and found violetcottage.  I just put in the number of comments, and clicked "pick a number" and it gave me #23!!

The winner of the Blog Hop Giveaway

Blogger Lucy @ Charm About You said...
I am a new follower! Huge congratulations on the 5 years and also for your birthday :)
Great giveaway!

Congratulations, Lucy! 
You just won this!


  1. congrats to the w inner! and congrats to a great blog.

  2. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway and congratulations to Lucy!

  3. Hoorah! Thank you so much :) Can't wait to get making with these goodies!

  4. Nice!!

    Congrats, Lucy,and enjoy!


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