Friday, June 8, 2012

My Name is Lisa

....and I'm addicted to fabric. There. I said it. I feel so much better now. :) But seriously, when I buy fabric, I usually only buy little bits at a time. Really. I actually love fat quarters and remnants, and I feel like it doesn't add up to much if I buy it in small amounts. Don't you agree?  :)

An interesting "fabric" thing happened on my way home from work today. I stopped to pick up my glasses at the optometrist's office downtown, and it just happens to be a few doors down from the quilt shop, and there just happened to be a parking spot right in front of the quilt shop!!! Oh no!! I thought, "You can do this, Lisa!" I got out of my car and kept right on walking. I picked up my glasses then headed back to the car and, just as I got to my car, I couldn't help but look at the quilts and fabric hanging in the window. I seriously had to tell myself "You don't need any fabric, just get in the car!" And I did it! So proud of myself! I knew that I wouldn't be able to go in there without buying something!

And then.....I pulled into the neighborhood, stopped at the mailbox, and there was a key in my box to open up the "big package" box! It was my package from The Quilted B.  I knew that I was meant to get fabric somehow today ;) I think I mentioned in a previous post that Barb at The Quilted B is closing down her shop. So sad :(  So, I made yet another purchase. I just had to buy more of the Hideaway fabric by Lauren & Jessi Jung for Moda. Those fabrics are going to make one gorgeous quilt one of these days!!! And...there were several other fabrics that I just had to have----who could pass up such savings??? 

OK, I think I'm done buying fabric for awhile. I just need to start using what I have in my stash.  I can do this. 

Have a look at my beautiful fabric that arrived in the mail today. It's quite bright in this pic. I think I must've used some kind of special effect, but then couldn't figure out how to fix it. :)


  1. You are such a strong person :) I love the new fabrics. Once of these days I want to come over and look at your entire stash.

  2. Such Will Power :) I am going to Miss Barb's Shop. I use to skip a day at work and sneak off to her shows when she'd be at a local quilt show... Will miss it! :*( Your stash looks great though :) I am an addict as well ..hehe.


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