Thursday, May 10, 2012

Me? A Winner? Again?

I know....I's been a little while since I blogged. Not really sure why, but I've had post ideas piling up in my little head, and it was my most recent win (yes, this is my 3rd one this year!) that motivated me to get right on it! 

Have you checked out craftaholics anonymous?  If not, then you def need to click that link and check it out! Linda has such an awesome thing goin' on. She has some pretty cool tutorials, and prizes, and craft room ideas, and the list goes on! So.....about my win....Linda had a giveaway for four Kaboo Technology Bags! Oh my goodness! These bags are valued at $125. And I got to choose which one I wanted! I chose The Roxie in Red. Yep, that's right, I stepped out of my little black box and decided to get all wild and crazy with red! My iPad is gonna be stylin' now in its new home :) Oh, and I guess I'll be stylin', too, huh? Ha ha! 

Thanks again, Linda, for the giveaway! I think I'll stay away from the giveaways for a while and let some others win ;) 


  1. Ooo! What a cute bag!! Congrats, Lisa, you lucky girl!

  2. Congrats, Lisa! I'm so happy you won! You'll love your gorgeous new bag. Thanks for the shout out and kinds words! Made my night. Thank you!
    happy crafting,

  3. I've been awol for a little bit, too.. busy busy.. with lots of things besides sewing. I need to get back to it, though.. one more bee block to go.. hope all is well over there! Way to go with the wins!


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