Friday, March 30, 2012

Ready for Spring!

I love living in the Pacific Northwest, and I can usually handle the rain, but I'm SO ready for summer spring (Whoa! Got a little crazy there!) So I dug through my stash and found a Charm Pack of Papillon by 3 Sisters for Moda, which is very springy - flowers and butterflies. I LOVE the pop of red with all these pastels. Ya see, my dining room is red, and this is perfect for a table runner! 

I'd like to make the backing with some of those beautiful red prints so that I can just flip it over and use it the rest of the year, but my local quilt shop didn't have any  :(  I need to find it....soon! I'd love to have it on my table for Easter! Here's a sneak peek :)


  1. Very Pretty! I think I have some of those fabrics...not a lot..part of a Kit I think. Hmmm Check in at the Quilted B...Not sure if she'll still have some of those great fabs..Barb does have lots of good stuff though :)

  2. Those colors are pretty together! Can your LGS order yardage for you?

  3. "LQS". I can type. Really.

  4. Hi Lisa Lisa! That is going to be a beautiful table runner! And I just read your last post.. congrats on your kickin' stash win. It's a fun block. Hope you find the fabric you're looking for. Have a great weekend, friend! :o)


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