Monday, March 26, 2012

Dresden Plate Disaster......

I've been admiring the Dresden Plate design for a long time, but had pretty much come to the decision that I wasn't going to use my little template that I had because I was going to get the Accuquilt Go! Dresden Plate die!!! Well, that's on hold for awhile until I can find it in one of the stores around here.  Anyway....I decided to try out my template last week, and it was a disaster! I was so excited because it was looking SO good as I was sewing along and I couldn't wait to finish it! Imagine the look on my face, and the tears :( (well, not really...but close) when it looked like I had one too many blades.  
See how it kinda bubbles up in the middle? Well, I just assumed that it had too many blades, but I was wrong!!!  Just as I was writing my post, I decided to look at my picture one more time just to see if anything was obvious.  I couldn't believe it! I jumped off of the couch and said "Oh my goodness! My Dresden Plate only has 15 blades! It was supposed to have 16!" And I was thinking I had too many blades! Ha ha ha!  So I went upstairs and looked through my scrap basket and guess what was right on top of the pile.  Yep....the 16th blade.  I took the plate apart, inserted #16, and voila! Check out my new Dresden Plate....not a disaster at all.  Now I just need to add a bright green circle and maybe sew it onto a green or orange background.  


  1. Looking awesome ..glad u figured it out. Gonna have to look into that template.

  2. It looks great! Such a pretty fabric~ glad you took that breath and figured out the problem~ :)

  3. Looks beautiful now! That had to be so frustrating at first, glad you figured it out and I'm sure you'll be making more!

  4. That looks amazing Lisa. I love it.


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