Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Quilt

I've been reminded several times lately that I'm overdue for posting on my blog, so here it is! I've just been so busy sewing! 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again....I Love Birthdays! Alana is a very dear friend of mine who just happened to mention sometime in the last 2 years that she wanted a quilt for her __th birthday. So....I got to work on this project! 

Her __th birthday was on February 15th, and I finished the quilt on February 13th! Whew! Just in time! She loved it! 

Giacomo loved the quilt so much (actually, he was more jealous of it!), and I lost count of how many times I had to tell him to get off of it. Most of the time, he would back off of it when I told him to.....except for one foot. It's a good thing Alana is a dog lover  :)

I made the binding using my Accuquilt Go! and was very pleased with the result! 

I bought this kit at a quilting expo 2 years ago. It's Seaside Climbing Rose by Beach Garden Quilts and was so much fun to make. I've never been fond of green, blue, and brown mixed, but I've come to really like this combination, and I knew Alana would love it.  

Happy Birthday, Alana!


  1. What a beautiful quilt and lovely gift. What a lucky friend you have.

  2. Way to go! Very nice! Maybe you will inspire me to quilt.

  3. Thanks Karen! I'm the lucky one....to have such great friends, including you. Theresa - I would be so happy if this inspires you to quilt - that's what it's all about! Come over and sew with me!!

  4. Wow,very nice!!!! My grandma made one for me years ago out of old scraps of material that she or my mine had from making dresses. Love it but it needs some attention and I don't know who to ask to do some mending on it.

  5. It's gorgeous, Lisa! I love the prints, too. AND the dog. ;)

  6. Beautiful quilt and Giac looks so distinguished!

  7. no entries recently! hope you start again. Having any issues with the AccuQuilt ? -- so many are complaining about the handle and how it jumps around when you try roll the handle, one lady told me her die was stuck half way through and she could not get it out, so I am being very careful - been told the Sizzix big shot Pro is a much better machine for fabric cutting


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