Sunday, January 22, 2012


After recovering from my cancer treatment, I wanted to somehow give back. So I contacted a wonderful nurse (Janice K.) at the hospital who said that she could definitely use my help with making pillows for the Pink Bag Project, which provides useful items for post-mastectomy breast cancer patients. She provided me with all of the fabric, and I started sewing.  After that first batch of fabric was sewn into lots of pillows, I started buying all kinds of pink fabric and kept sewing.  I haven't been so great about it lately and really should get some more of these sewn up because they will always be needed. I have everything I need to get some put together....because I always have fabric and Polyfil.....always.  


  1. What do they do with the pillows, Lisa? Is it a comfort thing, or what?

  2. The pillows are used as support around the surgical site, and I'm sure for comfort as well. :)


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